Friends VS Best Friends

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Way to go, Matsuoka!

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how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck



My name, oh, let me tell you my name. Uh, I’m confused… because uh you know like we’re supposed to believe in the ministry right? So is uh is is the church and state supposed to be separate? I’m confused because I never went to school, right? Is a confused person get a resolution? I don’t understand. You see, when you go like that, right you have a cross. Two sticks, right? And that’s how I felt when I was in Waterloo. Because when I walked, in Waterloo, and smiled at people, they treated me like a vampire. They use the cross and they went like this by not smiling at me. In Toronto, hey! Hi guys! You know me! Steve Spearos…? Easy going…? Those who know me, I’m a nobody! You understand? And ya can’t kill a person with no body. So… why am I afraid? I’m not afraid. I’m afraid of the boogyman whose the boogyman??? You figure it out. I’m gettin out of here. I’m going back to Waterloo where the vampires hang out, and I’m gonna wear my sunglasses at night. You know why? Because women show their tits, have short skirts, and then they feel violated when I look at them! Why? Because I have sunglasses on and I’m weird. Uh… I’m from Humberside… I’m sorry if uh I made a fool of Humberside but all those people who called me a sleepwalker, I woke up. Now I’m going back to sleep because I’m gonna be committed in an isolation room because I’m gonna go back to the ministry, and allow them to perceive me as I am. A FUCK UP!!! GOODBYE!!! Hey Toronto the good, look at look at this square. It was a shit hole when I worked here. Now it looks like New York Manhattan. Where are the bums? There’s no bums here! Toronto doesn’t have bums. But Waterloo, they’re creating bums. They created me. Why? I don’t know! Maybe it’s the church. Talk the the pope he knows everything. I had it. I’m gonna die. How can you die when you’re dead? Oh wait a second. I’m gonna be crucified right? *rips open shirt* I’m not gonna raise my voice… because I’m committed to the lord………I love you.

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Whenever I get sad about my anatomy I look at Rob Liefeld’s art and that cheers me up.


Artist: Onoda Sakamichi
Song: "Love Hime "


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Alright Persephone, time with the hubbie is up get your ass out of the Underworld so we can have spring.


I’ve never seen a more accurate representation of current weather patterns in North America.

Side Note To Fan Fic Authors


Here’s the thing.

I read a lot of scripts.  A lot.  From professionals to aspiring writers to complete newbies.  Features and pilots.  Specs and treatments.

And 8 times out of 10 the fan fic that I’ve read over the last, oh, 15 years is leagues better than this stuff.  It’s more inspired.  It’s more compelling.  It’s genre bending and creative and heartfelt.  It’s well-paced and intense and funny and sexy and meaningful.  It’s smart and thoughtful and good.  It’s novel-quality.  Better than, sometimes.

Rare is the script I don’t want to put down, but how often have we stayed up until 3am to get to the last chapter of a 100k fic? And it’s not even a fan fic author’s day job.  This is what they do on the side.  In their spare time.  For free.

So my point is, fan fic authors, you’re good.  You’re good writers and great storytellers.  I know it doesn’t always feel like it, especially if you’re one of the authors who’s not a BNF and doesn’t get the notes/hits that a few do.  And  because some people still view fic as “not real writing.” You guys know the shit that gets made into movies.  You’re better than that.  So be better than that.  If writing is what you think want to do, then just know you’re already doing it.   You’ve already started.

And you’re more talented than you might think.